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Thanks for dropping by.  I'm Sue and I'm from the hot and sunny country of Malaysia.  I guess you would know from my website that I love skincare and cosmetics stuff!  My feet goes loose the minute they see Watsons and Guardian and any other shops which carries skincare and make up stuff (even hollering at them doesn't work!).  

Although things can get random sometimes, but what I love to do is to write and share my thoughts and so, what's not love about writing and blogging about skincare and cosmetics stuff?  Best yet if the items comes in smaller bottles because I just love to try things out.  I have a tendency to go for the regular range of items which you could get your hands on easily (think Watsons and Guardian, and oh! Caring) but at times I do splurge on those higher end stuff.  Best part is when I am off travelling! That's where I start exploring those pharmacies and Sasa and etc from those countries.  You got to admit that they do have better stuff than us here!

I'd like to write about things that's relating to myself too, so if you do see some random postings of what I am doing and etc, be sure that it just the normal me rambling on and on about things.
Another favourite past time of mine is to make accessories (think earring, bracelet and necklaces).  Do check them out at Velvethouze ya.

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Twitter: @suez_w
Instagram: suewong

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