Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kinohimitsu Cranberry D'tox Juice

,Ever feel like going to the loo but yet nothing came out? Ever felt restless because of it? Well, I've been feeling it for the past few weeks! What a horrible feeling it was.

Well, I've been seeing this Kinohimitsu brand for quite a while and I've actually used their health pads before (that's for a different time), so it really does piques my curiosity as to how effective their 6-Day D'Tox Juice would work. After surveying the price (thank God for MEGA SALES NOW), I finally bought the Kinohimitsu J'pan D'Tox Juice 6-Day Program (Cranberry flavour) for RM65.40 at Sasa (UP at RM69.90).

The one I bought has a different packaging than the normal ones. Apparently, the sales lady informed me that this packaging was done up for Mother's Day and Father's Day purpose, and because they still have stock, so they are selling it at a slightly cheaper price. I think the UP for the normal packaging was at RM70 plus (don't exactly remember).

A total of 6 bottles. Definitely quite pricey, but hey, if it works, the price ought to be worth it I guess. Below are some of the stuff written at the back of the box:

Natural, Safe:

  • Natural concentrated extracted fruit juices
  • No additives, no preservatives

  • Fast results within 2-4 hours, after intake
  • Promote bowel movements, without strenuous effort


  • An instant, functional drink ready for immediate consumption, for your enjoyment anytime, anywhere
  • A 6-Day Program that is ideal for those with busy, stressful lifestyle
  • No special control diet is needed


  • No discomfort, unpleasant experiences such as extreme fatigue, headache, bad breathe or allergy reaction

Do you have:

  • Busy, stressful life
  • Ireegular meals and eating processed food
  • Constant exposure to unhealthy environment, air, water pollution
  • In just 6 Days, Kinohimistu J'pan D'Tox leaves you feeling renew, refresh and revitalize!

Shake well before drinking. 1 bottle each time, preferably after food. Taste excellent when chilled. 1-3 bottles per week, or as needed.

First time Users:
1 bottle a day, consecutively for 6 days.
Suggestion: best to have it 2-4 hours before planning for defecation.

Well now, I've taken one bottle earlier today, at about 7plus pm. Waiting for things to happen I guess right now. There is a slight feeling of wanting to go to the toilet, but I guess will probably need to wait a bit longer.

Shall continue to update (everyday of the results if possible).

In the meanwhile, do check it out at the nearest pharmacy or Sasa near you if interested =)

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