Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wash Those Make Up Brushes

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Okay, I got to admit it, I'm kinda lazy when it comes to washing my brushes!! Whee.... oh my, what an admittance.  Okay, okay. So today, being the gungho me, I washed my car and also I washed my brushes! They are like next to me right now (with my powder brush looking so cacated ok)

Since they've taken their bath, they are pretty spretty clean now.. woo hoo! I know, I have very little brush right?? I'm like eyeing a couple now from Etude House and The Face Shop since there's sale!! Whee!! Alright, alright.  What I really want to share with you is the stuff that I use to wash my brushes.  What do you use?  Do share with me yea.  As for me, I saw this cute and dandy find at Daiso (they've got such great collections! dontcha agree??)
Used my mobile to take it, I know the picture's not to clear, but hope it's good enough for ya.  Initially, I thought what it was, since it was placed near those puff and stuff.  I mean, I was like thinking, why is there a detergent placed so near the make up stuff? Blurz...Having a closer look shows that it's actually for puff and sponge!  Since I use sponge for my compact powder, I thought it would be a good buy.  Hey, come on, for RM5, of course I'd grab it for sure!  Anyhow, I figured, since it works for puff and sponge, it should work for brushes right?  And viola, it totally removes those make up stuff from the brush! I got quite a shock too!! I tend to use dark colours to line my eyes, sometimes eye liner gel, sometimes dark coloured eye shadows.  So those yucky stuff actually got off onto my hand!  Ew... but after that, my brushes feels so soft too!  I have this foundation brush from Elianto which I bought previously and I thought, hey it would be good to wash it as well... and there's like heaps of gatherings of the foundations that got off my brush onto my hands whilst I washed it.  Just to make sure it's clean, I wash my foundation brush twice!!! Phew... now I'm not scared that it's dirty dee.

Anyhow, I've read that it's advisable to wash the brushes like once a week.  But since I don't use make up everyday, I figure every 2 weeks would be fine for me.  Let's hope I don't get too lazy!!!

Oh by the way, I have a lot of hauls recently! I think my shopping ants are biting me, I'm once again itchy!!! With the sales, I'm eyeing some stuff from The Face Shop, Etude House and Ianti!!! Will share with everyone once I do get them.. yippeee

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