Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Etude House Dual Fibre Cheek Brush

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Okay, the picture on the left isn't taken by me, I have to admit
that.  I can't seem to be able to snap the picture nicely to show you how my brush looks like, but.. OH MY GOSH! I love this brush!!! Haha... okok.. *calm down calm down*

Why the hypeness of it?  Well, I've not tried other dual fibre brush, but I'm quite sold on this.  I've actually done some research on it and it seems that the reviews are quite good, so during the recent "sale" whereby Etude House were releasing this brush at 40% off, I totally made a run for it! It's such a darling bargain I tell you.

I think you can see me lil brush in the picture below.

Being a star item for Etude House, it's also known as a skunk brush (looks it right, white and black =D).  I know some people used to as a liquid foundation applicator, but I've kept it to my blush now.  It does a great job transferring my blusher onto my cheeks and I can take my time to layer it!  Now I don't have to worry about overdoing it (I got commented once by a colleague asking if I'm sick, coz I think the blusher turns out to be too heavy for me *sad*).  As you can see, the white tip has become pink due to the blush powder (the blusher I used is right above that brush there, nice eh?)

Not only that, the brush is a mix of goat hair and synthetic fibres, so it feels soft and smooth on my skin.  Unless I look in the mirror, I don't actually feel the bristles on my skin.   

Besides using it as a blusher brush, I've also tried to use it as my powder brush.  I used it with my compact powder and it's great too!  The powder looks natural on my skin as compared to using a sponge, and it allows me to cover those hard to reach places around my face too.  The downside to it is that, the bristles are slightly stiff, so you can't actually "spread by pulling" your brush around your face.  It takes longer too due to that, as well as the brush's small as compared to the normal sized powder brush.  I guess that's why I'm sticking to using my cutie skunk brush as a blusher brush. 

I've washed it twice since I've bought it (a few weeks back) and I've got no problems with shedding.  It dries rather quickly so that's a good thing for me too.

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