Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Beauty Diary Mask

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A couple of weeks back was quite a stressful period for me, as work was continuously piling up and there were a lot of demands here and there for me to hand in stuff.  A colleague of mine noted of the number of late nights that I was staying in the office and being such a darling that she is, she gave me two masks which she bought from Taiwan (just got back from Taiwan)!!  Oh my gosh!!! I was so stunned when I got it as it was another late night and I was caught in a rather late meeting on a Friday night too! Such blessing =D

Ain't the note she gave me sooo cute???  Aw... such a darling! Winn darling, thank u soooo much for this gift u gave me.  U cannot imagine my surprise and gladness when I saw it on my table =D

I couldn't wait to use it and comes Saturday, I totally rip off one of the masks after snapping the pictures to enjoy it.  I was feeling rather hot (heaty I think) and I thought it'll be good to try the cooling mask.  Okay, no pictures to show, but woah, I totally love it.  Not only does it make my skin feels cooler as I use it, it seems to do good with moisturising my skin too.  I totally turned haggard due to the amount of stress I was facing, and this mask makes me feel lifted, both physically (my face) as well as emotionally.  It totally eases me =D

I like the fact that it's light enough (some masks feels so heavy on your skin, well, mine at least) and the cooling effect was there.  It also leaves my skin feeling moisturised without that heavy feeling too.  Neither did my skin feels sticky after that.

However, one thing I don't actually fancy was that there were a lot of the balance of the liquid in the bag, and when it's poured out, it was rather watery.  I almost spilled some onto the floor @.@  Well, lucky it didnt go to waste =p  I poured it onto my cupped hand and applied it all over the neck.  Feels good too!

All in all, it's good!  No wonder it's such a HIT in the market.  Nonetheless, I do find it a little pricey here in Malaysia.  I'm currently eyeing a friend who is going to Hong Kong next month to get me some back dee... woo hoo.. Different ones to try.  I still have the cherry blossom one with me =D


Lavender said...

thanks for the review. I have not tried this yet.

Sue said...

do grab it if u have a chance. it's utterly fun and nice to use =D