Friday, October 1, 2010

Review: Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil - Speedy and White

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A couple of months back a friend of mine was in HK for business.  He was bored and started chatting with me on MSN when suddenly he just said this, "you want me to help you anything or not?" I went blur for a minute because come on, usually guys DO NOT offer (usually ya!) to help you shop okay.  So, after confirming with him a couple of times, I asked him to help me get Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil! I wanted to buy all 3, but he only managed to find like 2 of them for me.  But still, thanks E for your help. I've been reading about it on ParisB's blog and couldn't wait to get my hands on them!

Currently I am using the Kose Softymo White Cleansing Oil.  Some information from Sasa's website:

Kose SOFTYMO White Cleansing Oil is an oil type make-up remover that can remove old keratins and make-up quickly. Orange oil and rice bran oil help to emboss heavy make-up like stubborn water-proof mascara, and remove all your make-up. It contains job's tears ingredient to keep moisture in your skin, so you will not feel a stiff or dry skin after use.

So, how did it fair?

First off, I've never used any cleansing oil before because I seldom make up.  I bought a cleansing milk before and it lasted me ages.  But these days, I love to do eye make up and tone up my skin with powder and blusher, so a good make up remover is needed.

I've seen been using this on and off.  On and off because sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't.  So read on.

I love the fact that it comes with a lock.  Makes me even consider wanting to bring it along with me for travels because I don't have to worry about spilling.  But I didn't given that it's quite a big bottle, at 230ml.

Secondly, I just need 2 pumps for my whole face.  The texture is light, not like those oily and sticky kind.  I think it is just slight thicker from water, so you could imagine it.  First contact with the skin, it's not the weird oil feeling, but rather a nice smooth feeling when you slather it onto your face.  What I do is I made sure I give my face a good slow rub to make sure it gets too all my face's nooks and corners to remove the make up.  Once I'm satisfied, or it's not so smooth to rub my face anymore, I emulsify it with water.  Same thing, I make sure I emulsify my oily face with lots of water to rid of the oil.

I practice double cleansing (like many others!) to ensure that no residues are left behind on my skin.  Even then, I don't feel my skin is squeaky clean; which means it's not too drying kind of feeling.

What's more, given that it's less than RM20 (HKD45) for 230ml, it's good bargain!

Turn offs:
Maybe it's just me, but I find that it doesn't remove my waterproof mascara very well.  Or maybe I don't massage the area long enough...

That aside, everytime I use it on my eyes area, my eyes will be blurry after the washing session.  I guess the oil kinda went into my eyes.  Well, for one, it doesn't irritate my eyes.  No stinging whatsoever, just slight blurry-ness that goes off after a short while.

All in all, I think it's quite a good buy.  Unfortunately, this is a product that's only available in Hong Kong.  So, don't miss out on it and do get your hands on it if you are in Hong Kong alright!  There's one more I want to try too! Their Deep Cleansing Oil... Hope I'll have the chance to grab it =p

Will review the Speed Cleansing Oil much later.....

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