Monday, March 7, 2011

Charcoal Black Heal Pharm Cleaner Pack

I bought this quite a while back, not long after I finished my previous one.  I've not seen it previously and I thought, at the price of RM9.80 per box, it is decent enough.  There are two types, but I only bought this charcoal black to try.

I used to use Biore's one (who doesn't??) and I have to say that this is much better than Biore's!  Some of the differences:

1. Thickness.  This Heal Pharm is much thicker.  It's kinda like 2 layers of Biore in one.  One side is black (Charcoal) and the other side is white.  Got quite a nice "feel" to its thickness, if you know what I mean.

2. Adhesive.  This definitely works much better than Biore!  I know it sounds gross, but I betcha we will darn satisfied when we see the strip being filled every nook and corner!  Haha... okay, grossness aside, this really works.  I definitely feel a lot cleaner around my nose once I've peeled it off.  Ah, the satisfaction...
(I know it's gross, but picture paints a thousand words right? =p)

3.  Messiness.  With Biore, the area around my nose turns black.  I always have to resort to rubbing it to ensure that all the adhesive and the black colour does not stay on my nose.  Do you have that?  But with this, it's rather clean.  Albeit there's still a little bit of adhesive or black that stays on the nose sometimes, it's definitely clean!

I do love this, but I don't use it very often, probably about once every 1 and half to 2 weeks.  It's because it does its job well, and I usually feel my pore's a little clogged around that time as well.

Guess what? I've already did a stock up! =p There was a promotion ongoing whereby 2 boxes are going for RM17.  I bought the white one to try instead.  I think this is quite a hit item because I went to visit a couple of Watsons around my area and both have totally sold off their charcoal series.  Amazing.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! These really help to clear out all the crap :)

Sue said...

yes, it does! am glad u like it too

Canned Fresh said...

Great review!
Unfortunately we don't have this product in Canada and I can't seem to find a website to purchase this from. Please help!!!

Sue said...

Heya Canned Fresh,

I have yet to personally seen this product sold online. However, let me know if you need my help to get it for you =D