Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fen Ling Face Brush; Feeling Soft, Feeling Lovely...

I am in love with my Fen Ling Face Brush.  Why?  Because it's oh... sooo soft on my skin.  It doesn't prick me nor does it make my skin too cakey.  It picks up the powder well enough and does a good job spreading the powder over my face.

I like the fact that the bristles are soft and not too lush or compact.  I know some likes their face brush to be compact, but I don't.  When its less compact, it seems to be able to brush across my face rather easily and removes the hassle of me needing to use too much strength.

I did notice that the fen ling Brushes seemed to attempt to position themselves side by side ecotools. I've not used Ecotools before hence I cannot make any comparison. In terms of price though, I do note that here is a gap between these two brands. As it's name indicates, Fen Ling is from China. So, if you don't mind where it is from and you are looking for a cheaper alternative, this may be an item you want to explore on.

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