Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Etude House BR310 Nail Polish

Seriously, my random purchases are coming back.  I remember walking into Etude House, not exactly wanting to buy anything, but was just browsing when I saw some nail polishes!  Since there was a promotion taking place, I ended up with 3 nail polishes along with some other items (to be shared later).

Since it is still Chinese New Year, I decided to commemorate the celebration by painting my nails with a new colour (For Chinese New Year, we are deemed to have something new as a way to welcome the year ahead of us =D)

The one I'm sharing is Etude House BR310 Nail Polish.  Seriously, one thing that does annoy me is the fact that Etude House just uses code to label their nail polishes.  Given their cute image, it seems like such a contrast.

This colour, I believe, could be label as brown nude.  I like that it gives my nail a slightly posh look, without going over board.  It's subtle enough to look posh but yet, soft enough to look as though I'm not wearing anything.  It's good for me because my clothes tend to be colourful and hence, I really don't want to end up having clashes between my nails and my clothes.

In terms of application, it is quite easy.  I don't find it too streaky.  However, I realised that I have to keep stirring the bottle (so to speak) as it seems to thicken rather quickly.  I have to do my nails quick too because it dries fast and if it's not done nicely, it will dry to look chunky (if there's such a description).

For RM9.90 (with 50% discount), I guess one cannot complain too much.  Loving how it makes my fingers and toes look fairer though *wink*

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