Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daiso Boxes to the Rescue!

Whoosh! *the image of Mighty Mouse pops into my head when I wrote the title for this blog post hee*

I'm not huge with nail polishes.  Well, I thought I wasn't.  Come on, my collection isn't that big.  I don't do my nails like every other day (truly, I salute them who does! I think they are really, really awesome) and I'm not that good when it comes to doing my nails.  So, it truly came as a surprise when I realised that my little box could no longer hold all my nails polishes *horror*

see the overflow.  They can't fit in anymore *frown*

I kinda forgot about it and I ended up just having nail polishes lying here and there for a few weeks after this photo was taken.  Then I find myself walking around One Utama one evening and saw Daiso.  Nope, still didn't register the need for a box.  I somehow could not resist popping into Daiso wherever they are because, aw.. they have so much goodies in there!  Heehee....

Anyway, as I was walking towards the payment counter, the variety of boxes and containers caught my eye.  I literally felt a lightbulb in my head lighted up as I remembered my nail polishes!  keke...

And so, I've settled for their  wide box No. 2.  It fits my nail polishes comfortably (right height for regular polishes) and its shape allows for easy storage.  For RM5, this is definitely a good buy =D

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