Tuesday, July 14, 2009

B-liv by Cellnique ~ Off with those heads!

The name itself literally screams the inner voice in my heart!

Seriously, the "off with those heads" are such eye catchers!

In a way, it does reminds me of those fancy names by Benefit, cute and really really heart catching.

Okay, back to the review part. I've always had a problem with blackheads and whiteheads (hm.. do wonder who don't!) and it's such a nuisance trying to rid of them, because it does involves a lot of painful pressing and pinching! Anyway, I was googling for a solution and I came across this! Having read some reviews and read some forums about it, I decided to give it a try.

Incidentally, when I was wanting to purchase it, there was a promotion by Guardian, you get two at a 20% discount. Well now, this small little bottle ain't cheap ok! It costs like RM139 for a 30ml. Anyhow, with the discount, I managed to persuade my colleague to buy for as well (since it's two and it's too costly for me to buy two!). When the opened up the box, we were quite stunned at its size (yea, we do know it's only 30ml, but to see it literally can be quite shocking, since we paid quite a lot for it, ya know what I mean?).

Anyhow, we've purchased it, and thus the experiment begins. It states in the box that the area which you applied it will feel oily in the beginning, and really it does! I can feel the oiliness and literally see the glint when I look in the mirror. Gosh, you don't even need glitter powder to see the T zone area glinting back at you. Anyway, after a few days of putting it day and night onto my T zone area, especially the nose, I decided that it's time to do the stick and remove process! Anyway, I got my pore pack from Softymo (it's better than Biore, seriously!) and stuck it to my nose. It's peeling time half an hour later. Lo and behold, the amount of whiteheads and blackheads that is removed is soo much more than usual! It literally works man. I can see that my nose is MUCH MUCH cleaner ok.

During a sharing session with my colleague, she states that she tried it and after a few days, her attempt to use her fingers to press her pores was successful and painless! It literally just came out.

Short to say the least, both of us are happy with this small little expensive bottle and we came to the conclusion that it's a good buy. I'm already thinking of getting a bottle for my boyfriend, but probably later, since it is rather expensive.

By the way, there is a promotion at Sasa at the moment, whereby you can get the pro sebum gel and the moisturizer at RM200, along with some of the rest of its products in sample size. Quite a good buy, if you have the cash that is =)

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Cellnique said...

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