Sunday, July 12, 2009

Detox 5th & Tada! Da Last Day

It has come to an end for Kinohimitsu's 6-Day Detox Juice's review from me. To say the least, I will say goodbye to it for now... okay... enough of the melodrama...

I know I've written a "dissatisfied" comment on it two days ago. And I am surprised that the Juice did gave me a surprise!

From yesterday and today, I realised that instead of waiting for 2 to 4 hours later after my meal that I had to go to the toilet, but instead, I felt the need to go within half an hour or so. And boy, did my stomach clear itself!

Seriously, it's a GOOD feeling! Haha.... I guess what happened was that there wasn't a lot to clear? Or maybe I did not drink enough water to help flush my system (just guesses, not sure if drinking water makes a lot of difference anyway).

Well, I guess taking the detox juice does help. But seriously, I doubt I can do it like very often since it is rather costly. Probably from nowon, what I need to do is to eat more oats and drink more water (it does help to clean up your body).

More reviews to come on other items! Hope you all will look forward to it =)

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