Saturday, July 11, 2009

Detox Day 4

Sadly, the desire to go to the toilet has decreased. What's more, even if I go, it feels as though the normal type of trip once again. The feeling of dissatisfaction after going (you know what I mean right) is back! I feel like screaming ARGHHH.... cause I seriously dislike the feeling of it.

Is this the end of Kinohimitsu for me? I seriously don't know. I'm left with 2 more bottles. Am I giving justice if I were to give a verdict of it's ability (or disability) to help me detox? Hm... I guess, I shall be nice and give a verdict only after I finished all the 6 bottles. Aih, I also am unsure what I should write for now.

In the meanwhile, I guess what I can do is finish all 6 bottles and probably start scouting for alternatives. What an expensive experiment this is....

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