Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thank You DIGI for Freebiessssssssss

Thank you DIGI!!! It's great to receive rewards when you least expect it, what's more, it's goodies that one does use!!! I got two freebies from Digi, all redeemed one day after another.... who can complain more?

First one: Biotherm's Aquatrio Program

I received an sms on Wednesday informing me I can get a 5-day samples from Biotherm. Since I work in a shopping mall, I dropped by Metrojaya to collect it. Five days of Biotherm Aquatrio Program. I'll probably use it when I go travelling, does come in handy cause I won't need to carry all my facial wash bottles and all. I got this sample before, when I went with a friend who wants to try Biotherm. The lady gave this to me as a sample, I guess in hopes that after trying it, I will also want to buy it. Anyway, will share how the goodies work when I use it, since I am travelling soon =) Yippee!!
Second is Ciba Vision Dailies: One Day Contact Lenses

I was really excited when I saw this! Why? Cause my contact lens is about to expire (due for a change) and I have yet to purchase a new monthly contact lens. So, on Thursday when I got an sms from DIGI again, I told my colleague, let's go and get it! Incidentally, my colleague also uses DIGI and she got the same sms!! Ain't it cool??!! So, off we went, to Optical 88 to get our 5-day daily contact lens. I havent used it yet, and I've already bought my monthly disposable (that's another story to tell), so most probably will also only use this when I go travel. Easy ma, just use for one day and then throw!

So, it's good. Thank you once again to DIGI for all the freebies. And I am looking forward for more from DIGI too! hahah...

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