Monday, July 27, 2009

New Contact Lens iZone

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Bought this new monthly contact lens for RM84 for 2 boxes. Why so cheap? Because Vision Plus is having a promotion and thus the offer.

And now, I kinda regret it =( Why? I tried my first pair 2 weeks ago, and boy, it pricks me eyes! I totally do not feel comfortable with it. I am not sure if it's cause of the different solution that I was using, cause when I used it with B & L solution, it was alright for that day. But after that, when I used the other solution, the uncomfortable feeling came again!

What's more, it caused me to had to leave work early because I was having a very bad headache after that. Sigh, I have like 5 more pairs to go. Am already thinking of using them for 2 weeks and throw! Aiyoo... anyway, shall try me 2nd pair at a much later time, cause I had to buy a different box (Acuvue) instead to change on the day my head was feeling bad... man.... sigh.. 5 more pairs!! ARGHHHH

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