Sunday, August 9, 2009

Noblesse Oblige BB Cream by Ianti

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Sorry mates, been rather busy with things for the past few days! Couldn't find time to update this blog of mine!

For those of you who are reading, you would know that I tend to buy a lot of things from Ianti. Why? Cause I find that the products are priced reasonably, making it affordable and it is also good for my skin. For me, I do think that generally Korean made products are alright for our skin because of the natural ingredients used, plus they are products for Asian skins! I find those other brands are not really suited for me, for caucasian I feel. Well, I am entitled to my opinions =)

Anyway, I have been using this BB cream for the past two months (I know, I know!! I ought to have written about them earlier) and I guess it's time for me to write a review for it.

For those who do use BB cream, you would know that it is like a multiple in one kind of facial cream, that means, moisturiser, sunblock, make up base, foundation all in one. The one I am using is a sub-brand by Ianti (totally different packaging I tell you!), Noblesse Oblige.

Let me share what I think about it. For one, it can't work for my skin as a moisturiser! Why? I have combination skin, when I applied it on my cheeks, which tends to be the drier part of my face, I noticed that my skin was scaling! I figured that it doesn't provide enough moisture for me on those parts, so what I do is I will apply a layer of moisturiser before applying the BB Cream onto my face. Of course, I would have done the wash and tone regime beforehand *wink*.

Secondly, I am a little disappointed with the sunblock part. Why? Cause it only comes with SPF15; not even any ++. Given this part of the world, I do think that for now, we ought to be using +++ already! But given the lazy me, I don't actually apply another layer of sunblock, cause I don't want my skin to get oiler and also, I basically drive and stay cooped at work, so I don't really need that strong of a sunblock I guess =P Lazy la, lazy..

Thirdly, it works alright as a make up base. As my skin is quite pigmented (due to lack of care when I was much younger =(( ) it doesn't really work as a concealer for my skin. So if your skin is like mine, you would probably need another layer of concealer before applying it. But as make up base, it works well for my skin. I don't make up a lot, but it works to ensure that my skin is protected and I don't actually need to put any foundation after that. All I do is to dust a bit of the loose powder on my face as oil control.

I have been using it for two months now, and I still have half a bottle left. The sales lady told me that it ought to last for about 4 to 5 months, so I guess what she shared is true. It's actually not a very big bottle, just merely 50ml/1.7 fl oz.

Another thing is that they have actually come out with a full range of products i.e. day cream, night cream, compact powder and etc! I did not buy them, though the sales lady was kind enough to give me a sample of the day and night cream. Haven't tried them though (not cheap!)

Anyway, I think this is quite alright if your skin is normal to oily. Not suited for those who have dry skin, unless you want to use it as your make up base/foundation. Just make sure you put a layer of moisturiser on your skin first alright.

I saw the Oriental BB Cream from KBS! I guess that would be my targe next! Muahahaha...

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