Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Benefit's "That Gal"

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If your skin is always looking pale or dull or even sickly, this is the thing that you MUST GET!! hahaa... okay, okay, I know... kinda dramatic.  But if your skin is any like mine, to the point where some people actually commented that I look sick without make up, you may want to try using this on days where you feel like walking around or stepping out of your house for a few minutes without make up.  What it does is seriously cool!  When I wake up the in the morning, I look really dread-y and dull.  So what I do after my sunblock and moisturiser is to prime my cheeks and nose bridge area with just a teeny weeny bit of this wonderful primer, and my face looks totally refreshed and glow-y.  There are days when I feel sooo lazy putting make up that I just prime up my face with this cutesy and wonderful primer and off I go!

Well now, it helps that it comes in a very cute bottle! I just love Benefit's packaging! ops, and it's products as well =)


Anonymous said...

I nearly bought this because of your review but didn't because I didn't see any difference after applying it on my hand with the tester. The tester was already out so there was just a little stuff poking out of the holes. How much do you apply on your face? How much does it cost in KL? It's $34++ here.

Sue said...

oh.. u don't see much effect on the hand. usually i apply it at my nose area and upper cheeks... u see like.. a bit glow-y =D

I don't actually remember the price de, but I do think that US/ Canada is still cheaper than KL. Here Benefit's items are expensive.

If you are aiming for the eye area, u may want to try benefit's ooh lala =D