Sunday, September 27, 2009

L'Occitane En Provence Hand Cream Dry Skin

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My hands are really dry, trust me... seriously dry.  My mom said I was born with rough hands, so if I do not put hand cream for like a couple of days, the roughness is very evident, to the point where if I were to clasp my hands together, I have this great urge to put on heaps of hand cream/moisturiser to get rid of the feeling.

And so, I bought this hand cream from L'Occitane.  It's expensive, costing about RM35, but I figured, why not give it a try, since it's written that it's made of 20% Shea Butter and it is for dry skin.  The SA told me that I only need to apply very little on my hand and it will feel nourished.  Anyhow I was looking for something to help me hit RM200 so that I can become a member =p, and this was the cheapest (yea, their things are seriously expensive).

The verdict:

Moisture level - is deemed high.  My hands do feeling nourished once I've applied it.  It doesn't absorb into my skin as fast as I want to, so you gotta be slightly patient to wait for it to sink into your skin.

Sticky feeling - it's there.  I guess it's cause it's made from Shea Butter, so it does feel oily once you've applied it.  It takes a while for the oiliness to go away, probably the same time for it to sink into your skin, so I would suggest that you apply it just before you turn the light off to sleep.  At least you won't get your whole room or notebook oiled up, like me!

Long lasting - Since I tend to use it at night, the feeling that my hands aren't that dry is evident in the morning still. So I guess it does last long.  But then again, if you use it during the day time, maybe it won't since you may end up washing your hands often for whatever reason it may be.

Value for money - For a hand cream, it does seem pricey if you tend to purchase those over the counter products.  But I guess it'll make a great gift for friends and family =))  Nonetheless, if you think that RM35 for a 12ml is worth it, then I guess, no harm going for it =)  You may still want to get something else for day use, since, to me, I feel it's more of a night time use =)

Guess what I got from a friend as my pressie for my birthday???

I'm sooo gonna review this next.  So do look forward to it alright =)

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