Friday, October 16, 2009

Pearl Drops Extra Whitening FreshMint Toothpaste

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I tend to use darlie, but in the recent years, I find that the normal darlie does not really produce any good results for my teeth.  Hence when I saw this toothpaste at Watson, I thought, why don't I give it a try?  No harm right?  Well, so here's the feedback from using it.

Does it work?  I guess it does to a certain extent.  I can see my coffee stains lessen, but that's pretty much it.  But for the price I paid, I did expect it to do a bit more than just removing my coffee stain (RM15.90 for it!).  But I guess it would be an experience.

I guess when you do buy this product, you got to bear in mind that there's no way it will whiten your teeth to the extend like those models who modeled for a whitening toothpaste.  It does/may reduce the colour of your teeth my one shade, but that's all for me.

Anyway, I doubt I will repeat this purchase again, not that it does not work, but it is very pricey for a toothpaste.

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