Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Facial Waxing ~ Miss Wax Away

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Do you do waxing?  I find that waxing my upper lips helps to ensure that it looks clean and tidy, so I do it every so often, or whenever I do travel for a holiday =)

The brand that I use is Miss Wax Away by ElegantTouch.  I find that it is handy to use and it is quite good in removing the hair from my upper lips.  The one I use is the Mini Wax Strip range, with a total of 20 easy to use; formulate for sensitive skin.  Well, I always believe that the skin on our face is delicate and thus, I use this range.

Well, if it's your first time, I guess the pain's there, but after a while you do get used to it.  However, do take note that you cannot re-wax on one spot too many times because this will cause your skin to be reddish.  Worse still, it may injure your face!  Main thing is to ensure minimal waxing time on one spot, and it helps if you ensure that your skin is taunt.  You'll get a hang of it when you do it a few times.

What I love about this is:

1. Simple to use
It is as simple as peeling it and sticking it to your face!  What more can you ask for?

2. Clean
It's not like those messy hot wax whereby you need to heat it up, and may cause your fingers to be sticky.  Worse is when droplets of it falls on your table or even the floor. Urgh, hate the idea of needing to find ways to clean up the after waxing mess.  Trust me, it's no fun!

3. Handy
These mini strips are small enough to the point where you can bring it around with you and it continues to be discreet in your bag!  What's more, each of the strips are sticking to each other.  So you would only need to bring with you two strips rather than the whole box.  You can also keep it nicely inside your make up bag without worrying whether it will mess things up in your bag.

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