Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara

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A few months back (quite a while back) I purchased a travel pack from the Body Shop.  Some of the items included in the pack is the Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover, and their Super Volume Mascara.

To be honest, I'm not really a fan of mascara cause I've always have difficulty removing them.  But recently, I've been experimenting with eye make up and realised that mascara makes a difference to how I look!  Thus, on and off (whenever I'm not lazy!) I'll apply eye shadows and mascara.  This tube comes in handy because it's small! It's meant for travelling, given the size is only 2.5ml.  It's good enough.

Because the tube of mascara is small, it makes the bristle looks like it's huge!  But not to worry, it isn't really when you bring it close to your eyes.

What I love:
  1. I don't actually have to curl my lashes!  It curls up on its own.  I don't know how it does it, but it works for me =)
  2. My lashes does looks fuller.  Sorry, camera sucks, thus, no pictures of it.  But it's the au naturel fullness kinda look, not overly dramatic.  Just full enough for office look.  If you want your lashes to be fuller, you can apply double layer.  But make sure you use a curler after that for the effect.  Else, it may probably droop a little due to the weight.
  3. It's so easy to apply, you just need to slightly touch it to your eye lashes and the colour sticks!  Simple and easy.  It doesn't clump too!  I guess the bristles help to separate the lashes nicely and makes it looks fuller.
  4. I loveeeee the packaging of it.  It looks uber class okay.  Simple yet stylo.

What I dislike:
  1. It smudges after half a day.  I guess it's probably due to proneness of oil on my eye!  I gotta run to the toilet to make sure that the smudge doesn't get out of hand.  It's more like, after half a day, you got to keep checking it.
  2. It's just too small! Haha, okay okay, I know.  It's a travel set!

In overall, it works for me.  I guess when I'm done with it, I'll get a new one depending on the price (not sure the price).  Most likely something I would use when I go for dinner event rather than day time.  I'm kinda lazy, so running to the toilet and needing to keep checking on my eyes is something that I tend to forget! That's sooo exactly what happened today.. urgh... What a face to show in the office =.=

Next review coming up, Fasio Curl Mascara (brown)!!!! Oh something of that sort =p

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