Thursday, December 17, 2009

Body Shop: Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover Review

What should I say about this item?  I got it as part of my travel pack from Body Shop.  They were selling it rather cheap, less than RM100 for a mascara, the eye make up remove, day and night moisturiser, and a body gel. I tend to wear some eye make up when I attend wedding dinners, but these few weeks I've been rather playful and decided to do up my eyes!  Ops, on goes eye shadows and mascara on my eyes.  And thus, this review, since I need to remove those beauty stuff from my face!

What I love?
I love the bottle!  The use of white and the simplicity of its design is, oh so darling! Okay, I'm a sucker for simple things, so its design works for me. 
The size is good too, since it's for travelling, thus it comes in handy.

In terms of its use, it really is a gentle eye make up remover!   It doesn't sting my eyes at all and it feels like I'm applying water onto the eyes, so light and gentle.  That aside, it does well in removing my eye shadow.

What I don't like?
It doesn't remove my mascara! Not even a little.  I was rather disappointed with it, cause I was expecting something slightly more on this.  I guess probably it was too gentle for mascara?  What I ended up doing was trying to rub my eyes to get rid of the mascara (which I know is bad for the skin around my eyes =(  ) Anyhow, after a few times of attempting to remove the mascara, I kinda gave up. 

I guess, if you are just merely using eye shadow and doesn't do much of heavy make up or mascara, this may work for you.  Otherwise, it's better to keep your money for something better. 

Need to scout for a good eye make up remover now just to make sure the mascara goes off good!

p/s: Body Shop mascara review next!

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