Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toner after Washing Your Face

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Recently, I attended a beauty course and was taught on the steps of doing facial, even when we're at home.  I know for some of us, what we do is actually:

1. Wash Face with Cleanser
2. Toner (depending on your mood/Don't even use a toner at all)
3. Moisturiser

I think most of us would think that it's okay and it's alright to skip the toning part.  Afterall, our face seems toned enough right?  Well, wrong!  There are numerous benefits of using a toner after cleansing our face with the cleanser:
  • It helps to remove the dead cells/dirt that are still left on our skin even after the cleansing step.  Don't be surprised, cause sometimes cleanser alone doesn't clean as thoroughly as we want it to be.  Thus, the toner comes into play.
  • Toner helps to balance our skin PH.  Of course, we will need to make sure that we are using the right toner.  Avoid using toners that are astringent or contains alcohol as those are harmful to your skin.  What they do is they strip of the natural oil of your skin, thus leaving your skin even worse than ever.  Be on the lookout for those which are gentle, which does not contain any astringent or alcohol.  
Nonetheless, there are a number of contradictory feedback re toner.  I guess, it's really up to your choice.  As for me, since I started using toner, i do notice my skin is cleaner and I have less pimples!  Maybe my cleanser isn't good enough and thus the need to rely on a toner.

At the moment, I am using Himalaya Toner.  It's non-alcoholic nor astringent.  It doesn't make my skin tighter (as in dry kind of taut), nor do I feel any sting.  It just feels like I'm wiping my face with a refreshing water on my skin =)

All in all, one should follow this regime if you want to ensure that your skin's good and nice at the end of the day =)

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