Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sale Again!

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It was just weeks before that Etude House's sale has ended, and now it's back on! It's even greater than the earlier sale.  A lot of their BB items and make up stuff are on 50% off.  I consider them quite good deal since their stuff aren't that expensive in the first place (ranges below RM50).

What's more, a few walks away, I find that TheFaceShop is also having sales.  I think the bargains are quite good deal if it's something you don't want to miss out.

What interests me are the masks available.  In both shops, their masks are selling less than RM10 with 20%!! Oh my gosh.... I saw a variety of masks.  What's interesting is that TheFaceShop has a number of masks that is of herbal origins.  Meaning, instead of mixing it yourself, you can apply a mask with herbal proportion in it for the nourishment of your skin.  I think that's quite cool!  With the price sitting at RM9.90 prior discount, and at RM7.90 after discount, it's definitely a good grab!  I saw this Mung Bean mask at TheFaceShop! I read that Mung Bean helps with those who have breakouts.  Mom told me that it has "cooling" effect, thus I won't be surprised if it does.  It's uber cheap ok!! RM6.90 prior discount, and RM5.50, it's a definite grab for me!! Sigh, my poor face suffered a bout of breakouts recently after so many years... totally at lost with it.  So now, hopefully things will go back to normal with all the masks and stuff I'm plying on my skin to ensure the breakout disappear.

I think the sale will continue to "spread".  I'm actually waiting to see if Nature Republic will have a sale!  Shall keep ya all updated... keke... meanwhile check out those shops ya!
 (check out da hunk!!)

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