Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Couldn't Resist ~ Etude House BB Magic Cream SPF30

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My oh my, I totally couldn't resist myself.  There's some sort of sale at Etude House (some, literally) and one of it is their BB Magic Cream! I chose it as it contains SPF30.  However, the SA told me that it doesn't provide much coverage, thus if the skin is kinda smooth, this serves rather good as a foundation with SPF (yes, I am lazy to apply too many layers of things on my skin).  However, due to a bout of HEAT rashes on my skin (resulted in heaps of pimples.. sob sob) I can't actually use this at the moment (coz now waiting for the scars and some of the pimples to lighten/go off).  Nonetheless, shall definitely review it when my skin is better.  Oh by the way, this lil' BB cream's sista is on sale as well! 

And I'm definitely tempted to purchase it too.  Shall see if it's still available coming Monday! Woo hoo.  Btw, I forgot to mention the price right?  It's Rm40 plus before sale, and now with 50% discount, it's such a BARGAIN!!  I definitely am having a "itch" to my hands right now... (oh dear, shoppaholic symptoms threatening to show up??)

Anyhow, I'm still using the Noblesse Oblige BB Cream and I realised that whenever I squeeze the tube, some sort of water comes out with it! Since I've never actually finished any of my BB Cream before, can someone tell me if it's normal?  Kinda worried as I'm not sure if I should still continue to use it.  Other than the watery thingie that comes out, it still gives me the coverage that I need.  But at the moment, I tend to mix it with Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream so as to "soften" the thickness of Missha.  Works quite well to me!   

Well do let me know if it's normal.  Else, I'll probably stop using it and throw it away or something.  Just to be safe..

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