Thursday, May 20, 2010

Review: Auto Lens Cleaner

I'm a little hooked to coloured lens recently and as I was browsing around for some good bargains, I got attracted to the Auto Lens Cleaner that I found.  As I was already eye-ing on the auto lens that is out in the market (sold for about RM90), I figured this is quite interesting as it is so much cheaper than those sold out in the market.  So, almost (really, it's just almost!) acting on impulse, I contacted my friend and requested for the purchase of the Auto Lens Cleaner.  The cleaner comes in 3 colours:  baby green, baby blue and baby pink; and they are really really sweet colours.  I wanted the green colour (I seem to always be attracted to green @.@) but I was informed that they only have pink colour in stock (it's ready stock).  So pink it is.

When I got it, the first impression I got was, i hearts the box! I love the sexy pink (got suckered to loving pink de).  It was quite small, and a little unexpected.

Excitedly, when I got home, I quickly open and examine it.  Haha, I guess girls tend to do that right?  When I saw the cleaner itself, the thought that "oh, it's so cute n sweet!" popped into my mind.

I didn't have the chance to try it out until a couple of days ago as it does not come with the AAA battery it needed to function and I kept forgetting to buy it! (hafta admit that I was a little lazy to go to the shops to get it too =p)  So, I finally managed to get the battery and viola, it's testing time.

My lenses was kinda giving me a tad bit problem, probably cause I wasn't soaking it long enough (late nights) and was wearing it long hours.  So off the lenses go, into the container and the cleaning time starts.  There's this little button at the side that you need to hold in order for it to start functioning.  It works like a little vibrator, so you'll need to hold it as long as you want and look at your lenses vibrating inside the casing!

The good part, I find that my lens feels better to wear.  I've tested it for a few days now and it continues to feel the same, so I guess it works eh??!

Downside though, is the fact that you need to keep pressing the button. Imagine one of your hand is actually bogged down to press the little button for at least 3 minutes (I gotta admit I don't press it for that long.  Sometimes I hold it, let go for a while, then goes back n hold the button again =p).  You get the idea.  Another is, the vibrating sound is kinda annoying as well.  It just keeps going zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzz whilst you press it.

All in all, for the price, I guess it's okay.  I never tried the Lens2 which is sold in Malaysia's optical shops, so I can't compare.  If you are using it, do let me know.  Maybe a few months down the road later, I might just get Lens2 to give it a go =)

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