Friday, June 11, 2010

Succumbed!! Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Blusher

Told myself not to buy anything de as I'm going broke with the numerous happenings around me, but I couldn't resist the offer by Watsons!  Maybelline Blusher, one at RM35.90.  Top up RM1 to get a second one.  Was browsing Watsons with my friend when we both got drawn to this promo.  

oooo...kabuki brush... whee!

the brush is soooo cute!
they stick the instruction atop the holes to stop it from coming out.  quite good.  i just remove that sticker and stick it behind the cover =p
So how did it fair?  I like it.  Why, because the colour's rather natural.  It doesn't make me look odd or that I am wearing a very bright blusher.  It looks natural and tends to look natural on me.  Being fair skin, I've experienced blushers that look like you just plaster your face with some colour on your cheeks.  

As for the kabuki brush, it is rather dense and thick, so it feels odd whilst applying the powder onto my skin.  Then again, I was using Etude House' skunk brush which was soft and smooth, so to compare is rather a no no right *wink*.  It's written in the instruction that I'm to pick up the powder from the casing and pat off the excess using the kabuki brush and then apply onto cheeks in circular movements.  Using the kabuki brush does help to make the colour look more natural! Surprise!  

I tried to apply using my skunk brush too.  I guess it's because of the texture of the powder (more loose), thus it tends to pick up too much of the powder and makes the colour a little too dark for my liking.  You'll need to take a bit more time to even out the colours on your cheeks.  I guess as compared to the kabuki brush, there's a need to pat a lot more of the excess off the brush (was a bit in a hurry, thus didnt pat enough =p)

All in all, it's really a good buy =D It'll probably a re-buy for me.  I'm finding that Maybelline's stuff is suitable for me eh...

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