Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: Life Code Review Part 1

It was truly a privilege to be selected by Miu Miu from Plus Size Kitten to join her to review on this new technology that's touched the shore of Malaysia.  It's really my first to join us activities, so do bear with me if I seem to have left out something ya.

Well, it was a slight rush for me that day as church ended a little late, but I managed to get myself there on time.  When I arrived, our host, Chris, has been such a darling and so welcoming in making sure that all of us are comfy and all.  She even serve us drinks! Talk about service =D  (sorry, sucker for good service!)

this greeted me as I arrived.  Was rather stunned by it.. haha
lovely lobby/ waiting area

Well now, once Plus Size Kitten arrived, Chris starting taking us around the whole place. Chris informed us that the whole building is owned by her boss and all the businesses in it is under him.  One of the place she showed us Asia Spa.  What greeted us was the lovely smell of spas! Oh, how I love that smell.  he took us to have a look at the spa area (oh yea, they are sharing the area with Asia Spa, lovely I tell ya).  There's the ginger tea at the spa's lounge area.  Cosy is the word to describe the place.  Check out some of the photos below:
this greets you when you enter Asia Spa
the lounging are after you've done your spa
cutesy stuff
lighting is much nicer when you are there. trust me, i wanted to lie down when i saw the massage bed... ooooo

After the round ups done by Chris to get our attention of the spa area (haha, we were all over the spa rooms! I think we so wanted to have a spa session by then), we were all ushered over to the designated area for what we are supposed to be trying out for.  What greeted us was this nice walkway....

please excuse the person in the picture and just focus on the walkway ok!

Ain't it grand?  It's such a welcoming feeling I tell you. At the end of the walkway (short one only la) we were directed to the ladies' area on the left (men's on the right).  

Well, to be honest, I felt that the changing room is a little small. There's 12 of us, and it's kinda cramp, considering that we are all to change and get ready to go into the sauna room.  It kinda took us all a while to be ready to go inside.  According to Chris, the sauna room can hold 12 people and each session takes about 1 hour (30 minutes in the sauna and the rest is for you to change before and after and to take a rest before you go off).  So if there are 12 persons on normal days, I guess the changing room may be a bit cramp?  Just a thought that hits me as I was getting ready to change.  But overall, the place is kept tidy and well, so it's cool in that sense. But then again, this is because we are going there in a big group, so let's just say you are going there and you somehow clashed with another 11 people, different people goes in at different time, so I doubt there's clashes.. oops, contradictory me =p

Okay, so we've all changed into our towels and in we go to the room.  Here's a view of it:

It looks like a normal sauna room, of course with a slight difference.  Chris, our host, came in along with us (she's fully dressed in her work cloth I tell ya! Salute her) with the room on full blast of heat just to explain to us what the room is about.  One thing that really caught my attention was the fact that we don't have to shower once we are done.  Beat that! We were all quite in disbelief when she said that.  I mean, come on! You go into a sauna room, with heat and all, and you sweat.  And then you say, no need to shower...  Well, apparently the sauna room emits some herbal thing that would help to burn the fats and the stones in the room is to lighten our skin.  That's the uniqueness of this sauna room, it is to whiten our skin.  Interesting eh?  Well, we were in there for about 30 minutes, trying to sweat more and chatting away.

These are tourmaline stones that covers a number of space in the room.  It's recommended for people to lean on it.  I did a search online and here's the benefits that I extracted from it:

Tourmaline helps you reduce levels of stress, anxiety and confusion. It calms your nerves, removes toxins from your bloodstream, reduces lower back pain, relieves migraines, helps with constipation, heals burns and reduces arthritic pain and swelling. Individual colors of tourmaline have additional healing properties

Essential Herbal Mist Quantum Therapy.  Check out the list of things that it's supposed to help =D

Guess what, although we sweat buckets (probably about there with all of our sweat combined!), we seriously don't smell sweaty nor feel dirty.  There weren't any sticky feeling on our skin at all.  We can literally change and walk off.  Woah, isn't that cool.  What a big difference from the normal sauna that we attend.  

Did I enjoy myself? Definitely! This is part 1 by the way.  Following this the intro of the make up essentials and techniques by Chris.  More to come!


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