Thursday, July 22, 2010

Waterproof and Smudge Proof, what's the difference?

Okay, I know this entry seems a bit ... well... off, but I was really wondering about the difference as I was shopping for mascara last week.  There weren't any SA around, so I couldn't actually ask for any definitive answers.  Thus, I turn to the ever-reliable Mr Google for help.

So, what's the difference between Waterproof and Smudge Proof mascara?

Honestly, I've yet to be able to find a proper definition for it.  However, after reading some of the comments and feedbacks on them, here’s what I gathered.

Water Proof Mascara as a mascara that does not come off when in contact with water.  It's apparently good to use if you are going swimming.  Smudge Proof mascara prevents smudging when you touch it or rub your eyes.

For water proof mascara, I’m not sure how many of us does wear makeup when we go swimming.  Well, I for one can't really swim, but if I do swim, I'd most likely make sure that I don't have any makeup on except sunblock.  Can you imagine coming up from the water feeling all great with yourself (ya know, looking pretty sexy in your swimsuit) and having people staring at you; and the next minute, horror to horror, you saw all those runnings on your face! Crazy definitely! Sorry, over-active imagination running while there…. But then again, with our crazy weather (it’s raining right now as I’m typing this entry, I betcha wanna make sure that you’re wearing waterproof mascara in order to avoid smudges whilst you’re out and doing errands or even a date, albeit the wet weather.  And oh so, those nice walks across the park (do you do that?? I wonder), you won’t want your mascara to start running there and then.  Have I encountered such situation?  Honestly, I’m pretty new when it comes to daily mascara wearing, so I’ve yet to really experience it.  Will let you know when it happens to me =D 

That aside, it seems that water proof mascara is also smudge proof and what not, the powerhouse of all mascaras.  Hence, you need the hotsy oily stuff to remove it!  

Smudge proof, now this is a tough one.  I was contemplating on this as I’m writing this as, smudge proof have a thing with me you see.  I wear contacts on most days and eye rubbing seems to not stay away from me on those days that are long and hard.  And because these days, I’ve taken on to wearing mascara, I have a tendency to TRY not to rub my eye in fear of smudging my mascara and risk looking more like a panda (well, long hard days seems to produce pandas for me =p).  Having read those comments and feedbacks, it seems that smudge proof have been sending mixed signals to people out there.  To some, it performs to its very best, but to others, it seems to be such a turn off.  Yet, it seems that it’s a lot easier to be removed as compared to waterproof mascaras. 

Well, my 2 cents worth of thought.  I think it’s really up to you which you would use, and whether the “brand” and “type” of mascara you are buying suits you or not.  I have oily lids and after 6 hours, my make up tends to smudge here and there.  But both waterproof and smudge proof mascara has been quite obedient and stays on my lids for at least more than 8 hours on daily occasions.  The only thing running was my eyeliner (that’s another story to tell).  I prefer smudge proof on occasions when I am feeling lazy and tired after work, but for waterproof, I like the idea that I don’t have to worry about the crazy weather when I go out for lunch =D

So, what’s your thoughts on these two little darlings?  Do share =D

Water proof mascara prevents it from coming off when in contact with water and smudge proof mascara prevents it from being smudged like when you touch it

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With Love, Elle said...

agreed wif u as we hardly go swimming wif makeup so i wont look for waterproof i have oily skin, probably smudge proof means when oil and makeup in contact, it still wont smudge? lol

xoxo elle
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