Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review: Sunplay Super Block Sunblock Lotion SPF130 PA + + +

Was preparing for church camp a couple of weeks ago and as we were heading to the beach (Port Dickson), I'd figured I'd better prepare a good and solid sunblock for my body!  I am quite fair, and I don't really have any intention to be burnt! haha... 

Anyway, I was contemplating on the different brands when I decided that the safest thing to get is the one that contains the highest SPF.  Guess what, it's definitely Sunplay's SPF130++!

Love the word SPF 120 PA +++ (i'm very conscious on getting the 3+ signs next to my sunblock.  Paiseh ah, a bit the kiasi when it comes to sun protection weh)

It's written here that it's suitable for face and body.  However, I did not use this on my face as I'm currently facing break-outs (ARGHHHH) and I don't want to aggravate it by changing my current products.  Although the one I'm using for my face now is only SPF24, I'd rather not risk it.

Well, it's not the first time I've used it, but it's going to be the first time that I'm going to blog about it.  How did it fair?  

I find that it is slightly sticky and white-ish on my skin.  Did you guys encounter the same sticky feeling as I did?  I don't actually like the feeling, cause it seems to be slightly plastic-ky.  But I guess, being someone who cares more about not being burnt, I'm a little forgiving over that plastic-ky/sticky feeling.  It does go off after a while, or maybe it's just that my sweat has mixed with it and I don't feel it cause I'm already sticky?? :p

In terms of the blockage, it does quite well, cause my colleagues commented that only skin face looks slightly tanned (yorz! and I was hoping that I didnt get darker!) as compared to my body.  Haha.. quite off right?  I guess I must've looked a little weird then!

Went to Bukit Cahaya with a bunch of youth too and a few of us took out our sunblock to apply... guess what, at least 3 of us are using the same sunblock! Haha, I guess it may be Asian girls' thing to not be tanned eh *Wink*


jetpilot said...

hi, where can you buy sunplay? thanks

Sue said...


I usually get them from Watsons or Guardian. Most pharmacies would have them =D