Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: ianti Luxe Jewelry Manicure 224 Sweet Pink

I'm always out to look for sheer-coloured nail varnishes.  So when I saw this Sweet Pink, it was a must buy for me!  Granted, the colour seems to be suggest glitter-ish and whitish colour, it turned out to be a rather sweet and gentle colour.

For RM7.90 for the bottle at ianti, it's quite worth the purchase.

I like it cause:
1. Sweet Pink really carries its name well.  It really does look so sweet on the nails (okay, it looks like there's no colour on my nails, but it really is a sweet pink)
2. Easy to apply; it doesn't run easily, and has just the right texture.

Sometimes, I use this as a base colour, and play around with other glitter stuff on top of it.  Works well with a number of colours =p  It's also my lazy colour!  I like to keep my nails long, and sometimes, without colours, it can feel rather plain.  So what I do is that I'll just grab this and start applying.  Works well every time.

The picture above shows my nail with only single coat.  If you want the pink to stand out even more, you can try to double or triple coat it.

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