Monday, July 5, 2010

Freshkon Color Fusion: Warm Hazel

I have an admission to make, I'm currently addicted to colour lens! Whee!  There was a promotion last time whereby you get to buy 3 pairs of FreshKon Colors Fushion for RM120.  My friend and I decided to share and grab them =D  I ended up with Warm Hazel.

So how did it fair?  I think I shocked myself when I saw my own eyes in the mirror! Woah!  It's super sharp and the colour is more gold than hazel.  Someone actually commented that I look like one of those dancers in the MV Thriller =.="  No idea if that's good, or bad, but it was some attention grabbing that I had for that one month I was wearing it =p

In terms of comfort wise, I don't have much of an issue with it.  It's a monthly disposable lens, so it does work as a monthly disposable lens.  Water content is okay, so I don't have much discomfort unless I wear it for more than 12 hours straight for a few days.  In terms of buy, I guess, for colour lens it's an okay buy.  You definitely cannot compare it with the normal monthly disposable lens =D

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