Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: Garnier Aqua Defense Fresh Non Stop Moisturizing Body Lotion

Did any of you buy this?  If you have the intention, may I refrain you from doing so?  I'll share with you why!

  • Smell: The smell is rather strong for my liking.  It’s not really a fruit smell, just a sweet smell, and it’s really strong.  Why the emphasis?  There was one instance whereby, after I’ve applied the lotion for at least half an hour or so, my mom came into my room.  The first question she asked me was, wah, what is that smell?  Did you put perfume on?  Mind you, my room is not small and for that smell to be so strong and prevalent after half an hour, it is really too strong for my liking.

  • Eeky-feeling: I have to say that the lotion gives you an odd feeling.  Usually lotions feel soft, smooth and nice right?  Well, with this, please expect your skin to be slightly sticky, plastic-ky feel.  Somehow or rather, whilst applying onto the skin, the gel like substance seems to stick to your skin in a very plastic feel and it continues to be there.  I don’t feel that it’s being absorbed into the skin, because even when I woke up the next day, that weird feel is still on my skin.  One way to describe it is; there seems to be a filament on my skin.  Sad to say, I thoroughly dislike it!
I know, there isn’t a lot of point, but I guess this is enough to say that this wouldn’t be a repeat buy for me.   I was having good expectation from it, because I was quite attracted to the product in the first place.  I am sad to know that it turned out to be quite a disaster buy for me.  It’s a definite no-no recommendation from my end.

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