Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review: Argan Nutrixer Mask Sheet by Nature Republic

This is actually a long overdue entry!  I've mentioned before that Nature Republic was giving out free masks as part of the launching.  It went on for a while, I guess they were trying to pass those masks out for people to sample it as a few later when I went over to the shop with a few colleagues to make purchases, they were still giving out those masks.  However, it's only if you purchase something in return.

For those who aren't familiar with Nature Republic; it is similar to Etude House and The Face Shop.  Nature Republic is also originated from Korea.  This is what they have to share about themselves:

"Nature Republic", based on Mother Nature's law, is a new cosmetic brand, created by combining both state-of-the-art technology as well as natural substances of the utmost quality.  It includes such substances as various medicinal plants, flowers and seawater from around the world, and natural prescriptions from ancient times.

I've actually used one of the free masks months ago and intended to blog about it, but I guess I failed in that account eh.  Totally forgot about it until today.  Well, since I used it again, I decided to quickly do a review on it.  Like Etude House and The Face Shop, they used an artist as their ambassador.  However, here's the gung ho part.  They did not use just anybody, but Rain!  For those of you who do not know, Rain is a famous and now an International Artist from Korea.  He has recently penetrated the US market (for Asian, I guess that's good achievement) and is one of the hottest selling Korean artist around.  Here's a picture of the masks (check it out, Rain's face on each of these masks ok)

Rain aside (well, not literally raining eh); so how did the mask fare?

Fitting: Well now, I have to say that it does not fit well with my face.  It's not so much of the width but the length of it.  It does not cover the full of my forehead, but as for chin downwards, it's so long that it can cover a quarter of my face =.= That's quite an odd feeling, considering that I was pulling the mask to make it fit my face.  Kinda dislike that fact.

Hydration level: Of the mask of course.  Well, it's rather "juicy" I would say.  Even after 20 minutes to 30 minutes or so, the mask is still kinda wet and I actually went and rub in all over my arms as well as my legs.  Beat that.  Haha... it's good I presume.  Oh, upon opening the mask, rest assured, it didn't drip all over the place.  Nonetheless, a slight run over the plastic bag which holds the mask does produce probably half a teaspoon of the "juice".  Quite well.

Stickiness: The mask's a little sticky, as in, when you touch it, you feel that the stickiness is on your fingers.  I was a little irritated by it because I was having to adjust the mask and I kept needing to rub my fingers around to get it to dry.  Overall, once it's on and if you don't move it as much as I did (I think it took me like3 to 5 minutes to get the mask to settle on my face), it'll fair well.  After the mask session, I did find my nose area and my forehead being slightly sticky still, whereas the cheek's area pretty well hydrated and not as sticky.  Probably because of my combination skin (T-zone oily, cheeks area dry).

Brightening: Okay, to be honest, I don't what's the benefit of this mask.  Nonetheless, I find my face looking brighter and fresher.  I can even feel my skin having a bit of the "do-ing, do-ing" feeling to it.  I'm quite beat recently and looking rather dull, so this mask does help to brighten my complexion.  The colour's quite even and I look refreshed.  Good plus point to it.

Overall: It's a good mask; however; although this is not a re-buy item, I may still not re-purchase it even if it is because I dislike the mis-fit of the mask.

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