Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eye Brow Threading

I am always fascinated by it.  In my previous company,  I've had Indian colleagues who always go for face threading and it piques my interest.  But back then, I was still young and am quite scared to give it a try so I gave it a pass.  In the past, there are a lot of people who go for facial threading, because the make up is not as advanced as now and tend not to stick to our skin (figuratively speaking) due to the little hair around our face.  My mom says that usually, people would go for full facial threading when it's their wedding and they need to put on make up.

Oh well, upon chatting with a friend recently, I was really up for it! And so I went scouting to see where I could go to do threading, without me driving like miles and miles off to do so. I ended up at A Listers at Centrepoint.  Mind you, I was doing a bit of research online when I came across them.  I've been wanting to try them out for waxing purposes, at their unit in Sunway Giza, but it's quite tough since traffic could be quite mad heading there after work.  So off I go to Centrepoint.

I'll be honest, I was quite taken aback by the size of the place.  It is small, like just two 2 small beauty rooms.  I was getting a little bit doubtful after a while.  A lady (sorry, bad with names) got me into the room and started doing her stuff.  I was there for eye and lip threading.  I told her it was my first time and she smiled, telling me not to worry.  That really helps because she is nice and friendly, albeit not very good in English.  But she knows her stuff and I kinda felt better.

So how did it go?  It's slightly painful, much like plucking with your tweezer, but slightly more painful.  Well, considering the fact that it's pulling a bunch of it in a go, and not one by one.. haha... I shouldn't be surprised.  And the results?  I'd have to say, it's a lot neater as compared to tweezing.  I have to say, my eye area looks "clean".  I have a lot of small hairs between my brow and my eye lines.  Usual tweezing can be quite painful and most of the sessions I went to have it "clean" up doesnt really do the work.  But I'd have to say this threading totally clean it out and my eyes looks so much fresher too.

So will I go and have it done again?  I'd have to say yes.  I'm already researching to see which one I should go.  Although A Listers does a fairly good job, I'm still new to this and I can't stop the inner experimenter in me to stay at one place!

Have you done it before? Do share, share...


Lavender said...

would be great if u can show us a picture of your brow.

I Have tried many times already.

Sue said...

a bit shy *.* hehe.. next time lor. now bushy dee.... i cant wait for my next one =p