Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's My Birthday!

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It's my birthday today!! Whee... Well, because it's my birthday, I really want to share some gifts with those of you who follows me/ read my blog.  To be honest, I don't have a lot of goodies to give out, but this is really from my heart =D

The items are:
Giovanni Travel Magnetic Restruxturing Hair Conditioner
B-Fey Salon Quality Airbrush Nails
My Beauty Diary Yoghurt Mask
Etude House Cotton Swabs
Sasatinnie Cherry Blossom Garden Fairy Hand Cream
TBS Total Energy Enlivening Body Gel
Sortie Clarity Washable Cleansing Foam Sample Pack
L'Occitane En Provence Dry Skin Foot Cream Sample Pack

So if you want to grab your hands on it, please input the following in the comment box below:

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Tell me what's your most memorable birthday like:
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As for me, this year was rather special because I got bombarded by hundreds of well wishers on my fb!  It simply is amazing to know that your friends are willing to take the effort to just wish you happy birthday.  I know I am blessed by God for all my friends whom I have met throughout these years.

Well, like I said, this gift ain't all that great, but hey... it's good to bless others right?? heheh....

I will close this giveaway by 30th September 2010 and will announce the recipient by first week of October! So don't miss this chance!!!

p/s: current giveaway is limited to Malaysia only.  Sorry guys, maybe next time I will do international eh =p


Miu said...

Follower ID: tammylci
Tell me what's your most memorable birthday like:

My birthday was really memorable, because my favorite brands Kiehl's and Shu Uemura threw me a birthday party and let me invite my readers to enjoy it!!! best part is I have to dress like a Superhero for my kiehl's birthday party n everyone in 1u stare at me >_<

Stacey Lee said...

Follower ID:Stacey Lee
Tell me what's your most memorable birthday like:

It was long time I did not celebrate my brithday after give birth my son, my birthday is on 31st December, everyone are busy for count down. But in my memories the most memorable birthday was at UK 8 years ago, just my husband bring me to a very romantic Italian restaurant and we watch firework after the dinner at the city square at Leeds in our 1st married year.

Bubble said...

For the most memorable birthday,I think it will be this year. My colleague act like normal by the day. During the lunch hour, after came back suddenly a birthday cake appear in my desk with my favorite cartoon icon.

With Love, Elle said...

Follower ID: with love, elle
E-Mail: wifluvelle at gmail dot com
Tell me what's your most memorable birthday like:
once we gals reach 30, actually i dont like to be reminded of birthdays nimore lol it will always be 30! so my most memorable birthday is this year my 30th bday becoz im surrounded by my love ones and everyone is happy healthy n harmony!

xoxo elle

Faerie-Lady said...

Follower ID: Faerie-Lady
Tell me what's your most memorable birthday like:

My girlfriend asked me out for a simple dinner and it turned out my 2 other good friends were waiting with a cake all ready for me to make a wish!! And they had presents all prepared, and had carefully planned to suprised me!! I never had expected to have any suprises as all my birthdays are always quiet. I learned that remembering a birthday means a lot, even when its just calling them to wish them happy birthday! :)