Friday, September 24, 2010

Well Defined Eye Brows

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Was reading on TotalBeauty when I came across this article about the importance of well definited eye brows.  I used to have very busy eye brows, until my friend decided to help me do the deed.  Haha, she's wayyy too skilled for her age back then (like 18) and decided that mine looks awful.  Once she did her stuff with me, I was pretty amazed by it and really fell in love it eye brow tweezing.  Sadly though, I am not able to pick up her skills, thus my frequent visits to beauty saloons to do a clean up for me.  Now that I am giving the eye brow threading a try, I'm finding myself enjoying it too.  Pretty much the same price at beauty saloons and the look's much neater.

Talking about that, I'm due for one already! Time to scout for a good eye brow threading bar.  Any recommendation???

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