Saturday, October 23, 2010

Review: Suki Q Facial Wash

Oh what's this?? A new facial wash?  Okay, okay, yeaps! It's my current facial wash.  It's called Q10 Whitening Foam Cleanser.  I got this from Sasa because I was rather intrigued by its pinkiness!  I can be quite a sucker for pink colour.  Well, to be honest, I've been eyeing it for weeks before I made the move to purchase it.

This is manufactured in Korea, however, I guess it's catered for the Japan market since the description is in English as well as in Japanese.  I couldn't help but laugh when I read the description!  What's with Korean cleansers and the word "horny"?  It's definitely not the first time that I've seen it as part of some Korean skincare description.  Do let me know if you know eh...

Here's the list of ingredients for those who are interested.  I'm not very good with reading ingredients and me being me, I can tell you I'll forget the instant it's out of my sight.  Truly, out of sight, out of mind.

Here's the description on how to use it.  I would definitely recommend foaming the cleanser before application as it works better in cleaning your face.

Now, how does it fair?

Well, what strikes me first was the smell.  It was a rather sharp perfume smell.  It does annoy me a little initially but I guess I got used to it.  Every now and then though, the smell does catch up on me at times.  Is it a big deal?  Not entirely, but it'll be good if the smell is lightened a little.

It does leave my skin relatively clean; albeit not squeaky clean.  However, like I said earlier, this facial wash works better when foamed.  When foamed, my skin does not feel tight at all.  Just right I'd say.  However, at times when I got too lazy to foam and just splat/rub it on my face, it does leave my skin a little tight and somehow, it does not feel as clean.  Nonetheless, bear in mind I do tend to double cleanse, so the skin won't be as crazy dirty kind of feeling when it comes to using this cleanser.  

I'd recommend you to use this as a night facial wash and choose a milder one for the morning.  As my skin is dry combination skin; it does leave certain parts of my skin feeling a tad dry when I use it in the mornings.

Well, it being a whitening facial wash, I'd say that it works relatively well.  My skin does look slightly brighter (was having dull skin recently) and all.  Of course, I don't expect a cleanser to remove my pigmentations and all, but definitely on the overall, my face does look a little bit more even.

Would I re-purchase?  I might, but I'm not going to say 100% re-purchase as I guess there are other brands better out there =p

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