Thursday, October 28, 2010

L'Oreal Exchange Your Old/Used Day Moisturiser for a New White Perfect Day Cream

Have you got any old or used moisturiser with you?  Looking to try the Loreal New White Perfect Day Cream?  Don't miss out on the promotion that's happening right now.

From 25/10/10 - 31/10/10 10.30am - 2pm
Exchange your old/used day moisturiser* for a New White Perfect Day Cream 50ML
Location: Watsons Sg Wang, Watsons KLCC, Watsons Kinta City, Watsons City Square, Watsons Gurney, Watsons Time Square.
*Only for Non-L'Oreal Paris products (min 40ml).

I've got mine de.  Have you got yours?


AnnaYJia said...

Thanks for informing this great news Sue ^^ I will go to redeem mine on this weekend ^^

Sue said...

you're welcome =D