Friday, November 5, 2010

Do you give your nails nutrition? TheFaceShop Nail Nutrition

Do you give your nails nutrition?  If you do, what do you use?  When I was in Australia last year, my nails was extremely brittle.  I guess it was due to the weather.  I remember back when I was studying, my nails were in that same condition too.  So as I was walking around Melbourne Central, I came across TheFaceShop.  On impulse I went in and started looking at their nail polish.  I scouted and saw this nail nutrition bottle.  Similary, on impulse I decided to buy it... haha...

Did it work?  Well, I'll be honest to say that it didn't really work when I was in Australia.  I guess the winter there is too dry and because my nails were already quite weak, it couldn't save my nails.  I ended up needing to trim it =(

When I got back to Malaysia, I decided to continue using it.  Lo and behold, it works wonders!  I use it continuously for a few days every time after I remove my nail colours.  My nails really does look better and it looks healthier.  It seems to give it a natural glow (does that apply on nails??) and the brush is so soft that it makes application a breeze.

This is a definite re-buy for me =D

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