Sunday, November 7, 2010

Apple & Bee Glitter Make Up Envelope Bag

It's a long weekend and I'm having some "extra" time to blog =D

Please allow me to digress a little here eh?  A friend of mine dropped by Singapore recently and I went down south to meet and chill out with her (yes, she is a very, very dear friend!) and guess what she gave me as a present?????

It's Apple and Bee pretty make up and toiletry bag! 
For those of you who does not know what Apple & Bee is all about, here's the description:

At apple&bee our aim is to make the most beautiful cosmetic, travel and baby bags without harming our environment - that is why we are carbon neutral.  Our exclusive designs are printed onto natural fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo silk, hemp, burlap/ calico and genuine leather... because just as we're built our bags to last, we wouldn't mind the planet being around for a while longer too.

 This bag is called the envelope make up - japan blue glitter.  It can double up as a rather pretty and sexy clutch too.  I think I will most likely use it as a clutch because it is oh sooo pretttayyy.  I know I'm gushing but I can't help it!
Here's what the website gushes about this cutesy lil bag:

This new addition envelope make-up bag is designed to fit in all your essentials and also double up as a cute little clutch! You can hide it in your handbag (no I won't for sure! I want to show it to people! *must remind self to breathe*) or take it out on its own (OH YES!).  Made from organic cotton on the outside and lined with hemp it comes in our three latest designs and in Red Dove and Japan Silver too.

The envelope make-up bag is 230 x 130mm.

 Pretty? I daresay.  I'm not those 100% into organic or environmental friendly thingie (just being honest here) but this definitely took it up to the next level eh.  I find the designs rather different and such cute and pretty lil things sometimes makes me weak at the knees.  Hehe... but then again, looking at the price, it is rather on the high end.  Add exchange rate conversion to that and it kind of blow the top for me.  

That said, I can't wait to scout for more *remind self = November is no shopping month*.  Eh, but I can WINDOW SHOP right????


Lavender said...

Such a lovely pouch! You're blessed!Have a lovely week ahead.

Miu said...

first thing came up in my mind..

ROMPAK U NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sue said...

Lavender: thanks!
Miu: OMGosh! I'm soooo not bringing this bag out this Sat with u ok...