Monday, February 7, 2011

Sleeping with Sleeping Mask On

One peculiar habit of mine is that whenever there's light in the room, I will wake up immediately.  It was much later that I found out that my eyelids does not fully close when I'm sleeping.  How wide? I totally have no idea, but I guess it's because of that, that I tend to get awake rather easily.

I remember when I was in high school, all my brother need to do to wake me up at 6plus in the morning is to turn on my room lights and I will immediately jumped up from my bed.  Now I know that it's because I don't sleep with my eyes totally closed.

A few weeks back, I suddenly had the idea of sleeping with a sleeping mask on after reading it somewhere (magazine or newspaper).  So I went and started scouting for one.  I found a bargain whereby I get 3 for RM10 =p.  I know, over-indulgence.  Need to go slow with shopping these days.

Anyway, guess what, it works! I actually sleep better and am more rested on the days where I wear them to sleep than when I am not.  I realised that in the past, I do not deep sleep.  That is why I wake up rather easily, to the slightest sound and to the slightest light.

I do not have the best sleeping mask around but I can't complain much either since I got it at a bargain.  I guess I will hunt around for a good alternative once these few that I have spoils.  In the meanwhile, if you are like me, tend to get tired even though you slept well and all, do go and give sleeping mask a try.

P/S: I think I move quite a lot because my mask is no longer covering my eyes on some mornings! It's either next to me or on the floor =p

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