Thursday, December 30, 2010

Daiso Make Up Cleansing Wet Tissue

Another round of walking around Daiso can be harmful to my pocket, although the items are at RM5.  The number goes up rather quickly when you start picking a few things along the way.  It's those by the way, oh I think I need it that tends to hit me and before I knew it, I'm paying for them already.

Let me digress, ever since I purchased Biore's cleansing tissue, I find myself wanting to try others!  I know, it's rather weird right, it's as though a button was pressed in me to try to see if there are others.  Well, lo and behold, I saw this paper written stating best selling item and it's none other than Daiso's very own cleansing tissue.  

At RM5 for 30 pieces, I thought it would do no harm in giving it a try.  

What's more, the wrapper had it in English stating that it contains natural herbal extract.  What could be so wrong right?
Well, I'd definitely could never be so wrong ever!  Besides the fact that it is quite a big piece of cleansing wet tissue, I don't have a fair bit of good things to share...

For one, it's thin.  Literally, utterly, obscenely thin.  Look at the picture below and you will understand how thin it is.
Not only it is thin, the material is rather harsh to the skin.   It's ok if you wipe it once, but because it doesn't do too much of a decent job, I'd have to run it over my skin 2 to 3 times to ensure that it's clean.  When you do that, it felt harsher to the skin.  I guess over-rubbing it with harsh materials is definitely a no-no.  I'd only use it on days when I am only having my sunscreen and a layer of compact powder on my face.  So, you can guess how good a job it does eh.

This is definitely not a re-buy.

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With Love, Elle said...

lol yeah i dont like harsh wipes, thanks for trying out!

xoxo elle
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