Monday, December 27, 2010

My Beauty Diary Mask: Arbutin Whitening Mask

A revisit to the mask land for me! Hasn't been really sleeping well and my skin was looking rather dull.  Figuring it was high time for a round of pampering to my skin, I rummage my bag (yes, a paper bag full of it) of masks and found this!

My Beauty Diary Mask ~ Arbutin Whitening Mask.  I guess this would help me to brighten up my skin and so I proceeded to it.  This time round, I didn't fridge it but left it my air-cond room for a bit (went to wash and scrub the skin so that it can absorb the mask session better, tee hee).

When I opened it, I was rather intrigued by the mask.  Usually, the paper masks are white in color and slightly think.  A little paper-y feel, if you know what I mean.  This mask is rather different and unusual.  Compared to other masks, this is a see through mask.  It's rather thin, but yet not flimsy.  In terms of thickness, it's pretty much the same as the other paper masks that I've used.  Nonetheless, it's quite easy to manipulate to ensure that it fits the face.  I think the uniqueness of it is the fact that it's rather smooth! It's like putting a layer of jelly onto your skin.

I remember staring at the mirror after applying it and I could still pretty much "see" my face, if you know what I mean =D

However, I find that it's kinda shallow on the forehead size, maybe it's cause I have high forehead?  Other than that, like any of the My Beauty Diary Mask, it fits my face quite well.

After 20 minutes or so, I removed it and yet it still feels like that mask is full of juice! Haha... I used it along my arms and legs, just to fully utilise all those nutritious (I guess they are?) juive =D

Did it make my skin instantly fair?  Nah, my skin do look brighter though, giving me that perked up feeling that I like.  Like any other masks, one must continue using it for a period of time in order to see the effect.  It's rather hydrating I would say, and that does make me feel good too.

Will I rebuy?  I guess? Cause I find that the see through feeling was kinda awesome. haha... It does perk my skin up so that's a pro to it.

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