Monday, January 10, 2011

Cosmetic Decluttering!

Taking the cue from Evening Lavender, I decided to scout through my little make up pack to declutter some of the old stuff.  To be honest, I don't make up a whole lot in the past so there isn't much, but there were still that few little counts.

I know she did hers nearing year end, but I'm doing mine beginning of the year, so that I can clear away those unwanted stuff.  Will probably be posting more of my decluttering these coming weeks.

the first few items to hit my rubbish bin!

Red Earth Perfect Line - I love this eye liner! It stays put on top of my eye shadows throughout the day.  It's quite rare given that I have oily eyelids.  I got it in brown and love it.  I had to bin it because it's been with me for more than one year and the last few times I had it on, my lids felt heavy and uncomfortable =(  Off it goes.

In2It Liquid Eye Liner - This is one of the first few liquid eyeliner that I bought when I first wanting to give a try on it.  It failed miserably because I always end up looking like a panda after a couple of hours.  It's been in my drawer for eons so I guess it's high time I bin it.

Red Earth lip gloss - I got this many, many years ago and somehow it stayed hidden in my drawer without me noticing it.  I love how it just stays on my lips, giving it a slight hint of shimmer.  Goes perfectly on days when I am feeling lazy and wanting simplicity.  Well, I had to bin it cause it's been years since I've last used it and make up, as you know, can't last that long.

Ianti Green Shimmer eye shadow - This is also one of my first few eye make up items.  I like the light shimmer it gave, but I hated how it's so hard to apply on! It's hard and because the colour doesn't melt onto your eye lids, it does get quite painful at times when I try to apply it directly.  After a while, I gave up and it was sitting at that little corner of my drawer.

It's not a whole lot, but then again, it's a start!

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