Monday, January 17, 2011

Upsize Wendy's Burger; thanks to WorthyBook coupon! Wheeee

There's a Wendy's near my office and when my friend "chio" me for lunch, I said, shall we go Wendy's?  Usually I don't go to Wendy's often because I find that it is rather expensive.  But thanks to the fact that I got a Worthy Book and inside it, VIOLA, got vouchers for Wendy's!
Got myself to use this coupon!  But the portion goes to my guy friend who can eat a lot =p
This is my friend's TRIPLE MUSHROOM Burger.  I went blur when I saw it @.@

Surprisingly, they gave us an additional mid-size fries and these are the balance of it.  Couldn't finish it coz it was 1 large pack of fries and 2 medium pack fries @.@

I was so stuffed after that, that I felt like sleeping in the office... but it was an enjoyable meal all the more fun because I get to use vouchers! Wheee

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