Monday, February 28, 2011

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals B.B Cream

It has a very, very long name.  It's called Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Instant Skin Perfecting Cream.  In short, it is a BB Cream.  It's interesting to keep seeing all the bigger brands hitting the BB Cream bandwagon. Originating from Germany, the Koreans really did take this cream to the next level.

Like any other B.B. Creams out there, This Maybelline BB Cream comes in one shade called Fresh.  It comes in a much smaller size as compared to its Korean counterparts, so the price point is lower.  Plus, it's under Maybelline, so it is definitely easier to purchase it.

How does it fair?

I find it a tad too light for my skin.  I look whitish when I have it on.  On certain days, it looks like it sits well on my skin, but on most days, I find that it is slightly one shade lighter.  I wore this out one day and a friend commented that I look a little too fair.  Bear in mind, I am already quite fair, any fairer, I think I'll turn white @.@  This is how I turned out in picture.
(ops, pls excuse da food in front of me.. keke)

You can actually see my face looking much fairer @.@

In terms of oil control, it does fairly well.  I can last through about 5 to 6 hours without the need to blot my skin.  It does better when I pat a layer of powder on it.  

Nowadays, I mix this BB Cream with my Missha one to get a better shade.  Works fine for me.

Will I rebuy?  I doubt so, since the colour is a little mismatch.

Updates (June 2012): Not sure if I got fairer, but the colour seems to sit better on my skin now.  Either that, or the first tube I bought didn't work that well for me.  Am loving the matte feeling on my skin and hence I've been repurchasing this little gem.  


AnnaYJia said...

I think it just comes out with a new natural tone bb cream which is more suitable for Asians. May be you should check it out at the counter ? hehe...

Jessying said...

yeh that color looks fair on me also ! oh now got new natural tone ah.. should check this out too :P thanks

Sue said...

really? I'll definitely check it out since it's quite a good buy. Thanks dear!