Monday, February 21, 2011

Empro Diamond Black Eyeliner

I've been meaning to blog about this but I kept missing out on it.  Can't remember if I've mentioned it before, but I have oily lids and most pencil liners smudges on me rather quickly.  I was using Red Earth's Perfect Line liquid eyeliner previously, until it started to make my eyelids heavy and I had to chuck it away.  I started looking around and came across Empro's Diamond Black Eyeliner.  I know Empro first hot item is actually their eyebrow pencil, so when I saw this Diamond Black Eyeliner, I decided to give it a try.

From Empro's website:


Introducing Empro’s new Diamond Black Liner in a jet black shade.

This smudge-proof and waterproof liner is soft enough to glide on smoothly, but not so soft that it slips right off. The aerodynamic brush with firm bristles allows smooth and controlled application. Just shake and apply!

Gentle on eyes. No irritation. More importantly, it lasts the whole day giving depth and character to those beautiful peepers of yours. Empro’s Diamond Black Liner is easy to remove and does not require the use of harsh makeup removers.

The ergonomic shape makes the liner easy to hold, fitting conveniently into tiny purses or makeup pouches.

' Empro Diamond Black Liner - time to let those eyes shine!

Made in Japan

Result?  I think I've found my Holy Grail eyeliner.

1.  It doesn't smudge.  I have oily lids, so any pencil liners will smear rather quickly and I hate it cause I will end up looking like a panda.  I can use this and it lasts the whole day for me.  I don't actually have to worry about it smudging at all.  I wear this to work everyday and typically, we spend at least 10 to 12 hours away from home and this safely lasts me that long.

2. Easy to use.  I can hold it like a pencil and start drawing.  I can draw it thinly or I can draw it thicker.  Easy peasy.

3. Pigmented.  It is very pigmented.  One draw and the colour stands out.  I don't have to keep over-lining my eye lids to ensure that the colour could be seen.

It's not the cheapest in the market, but I think the price is decent.  It ranges from RM40 to RM44 depending on offers.  Easily available at any Watsons, Guardian as well as Empro outlets.

Nonetheless, I've been reading about K-Palette that's supposedly works well for oily lids, and that's the other that I want to get my hands on.  However, only when I'm done with this =D

p/s: a bit lazy to take the actual item's picture, but it just looks the same as in the pic!


Lavender said...

You make me wanna try it. I have oily lid too!

Sue said...

eh babe, it's rili a good buy! hehehe
worth the money for sure!

LauraLeia said...

I love this eyeliner! It's really fine, good for doing the cat-eye look, and the deep black shade is just perfect! :)

Sue said...

Hey Laura, I know what you mean. I love it too!