Monday, August 15, 2011

Elisha Coy Nudy BB Cream

I got this sample from a colleague who started distributing a number of packets of it to all the female colleagues. I've seen this brand around but never did pay much attention it.  Well, since it's free, one ought to give it a try eh? hehe..

I have to say that this is one of the loveliest BB cream I've ever used.

One of the best thing about it is the texture.  It is not too runny or too thick.  I find that its texture is just at the right level, making it easy to apply onto my skin.  In terms of coverage, it is just right.  I won't say it can cover everything (I doubt anything can do that unless you make sure you put concealer), but it does cover the blemishes and redness.  It also even up the skin well.  I think the best part is, once applied, it gives the skin a natural glow and you don't look as though you've piled a lot of things onto your skin.  I like!

In terms of oil control, I think it works fairly well.  It can last for around 6 hours and only the T-zone looks slightly oiler (that's partly due to my oily T-zone).  I do dust a bit of powder once I've applied it for oil control purpose ya.

It is definitely one of the item that I frequently reach out to.  Like I said, this is a sample that I got and I have no idea where I can get my hands on it.  If I could, I will definitely make a dash and go buy one.  Right now, in order not to finish it too soon, I actually alternate it with some other BB creams.  Well, desperate moments requires some desperate action from my end... hehe

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