Monday, September 19, 2011

Vaseline Healthy Sunblock Water Resistant UV Protection Lotion SPF30

Having finished my sunblock earlier, I have been scouting for a replacement.  Guess what I landed myself with?  It's the Vaseline Healthy Sunblock Water Resistant UV Protection Lotion.  I'll keep it to Vaseline Sunblock for short. What attracted me was really the orange colour.  Yes, besides pink, I am always attracted to bright colored stuff...>.<  I was quite stunned when I picked it up and look at the price.  At the time of purchase, Watsons was selling this for RM10 only. Yes, no joke.  I remember kept staring at it because it's the cheapest sunblock ever (given its size) and that made it all the more harder to resist this purchase! RM10 for 100ml is definitely worth my money.

The description:
Non Sticky Water Resistant Sunblock Lotion
Protect and nourishes your skin to keep it healthy
With Yogurt Protein known for skin nourishment and Aloe Vera Extract known to replenish skin moisture
SPF30 & Broad Spectrum Sunscreen PA++ to effectively protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB.

What caught my attention as I was checking the ingredient is that it contains Zinc Oxide.  I understand that there are some that find themselves having breakouts due to this particular ingredient.  However, I don't have such issues and I do use it for the face when I am running out of the face sunblock =p

I like the fact that this sunblock isn't too thick or creamy.  It feels as though I am applying body lotion rather than sunblock.  That's quite decent as it makes it all the more easier to apply.  I have to agree with its description that it's non-sticky.  Like body lotion, once applied, it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky.  Instead, it feels quite comfortable and I pretty much slap it on and not having to worry about it.  (you know sometimes the stickiness feeling makes you keep thinking about it, but with this, I don't have such worries).

Best part of this is there's no funny or cloying smell attached.  It's just a plain smell; not even those chemical-ish or the typical sunblock smell.  This is good because I don't find myself being commented upon when I am using this sunblock.

Granted, it's only SPF30, so there are times when I will tote it around with me so that I could apply it.  And it's with ease too given that the bottle isn't too big and easy to slip into the bag.  I don't worry about it spilling either because it has sturdy cover.  Packaging is simple, and like I said, if you are attracted to colours, the packaging itself would attract you too!

I'm half way through my first bottle and I've already gotten my hands on two others.  Granted, it seems a lot but I guess it's fine since I use sunblock everyday.  At RM10 per bottle, one cannot complain too much eh. But of course, of all the sunblocks I've purchased, I find myself being happy with this one the most.  I guess, if Vaseline does end up producing one with SPF50, I'd probably be all hyped up for it!

*Noted in Guardian this item is selling at RM18++ instead of RM10 at Watsons.  I guess it's a promotion by Watsons?

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